Machinery Industry to meet at the Konya Machine Technologies Fairs

The countdown has begun for the Konya Machine Technologies Fairs, which will be organized for the 17th time this year by Tüyap Konya.  The fairs are preparing to open their doors at the Konya Chamber of Commerce - Tüyap Konya International Fair Center between May 8-11, 2024.
Four fairs will be held simultaneously, namely KONMAK (Konya Metal Processing Machines, Welding, Drilling, Cutting Technologies, Materials and Hand Tools Fair), KONELEX (Konya Electric, Electronic, Electromechanic, Energy Generation, Automation Fair), İSKON (Konya Handling, Storage, Transport, Crane and Logistics Fair) and KONYA SAC (Sheet Metal, Pipe, Profile Processing Technologies and Related Industries Fair).
During the fairs, which will take 4 days, leaders in the metal processing machines, welding, drilling, cutting technologies, hand tools, sheet metal, laser, pipes, profile processing technologies and sub industries, electricity, electronics, electromechanics, energy production, automation, stacking, storage, transportation, cranes and logistics will meet and exhibit the latest developments and innovations in the sector.
The fairs, which will host industry leaders with a wide profile of exhibitors, will also organize a purchasing delegation through Tüyap's Russia, Macedonia, Georgia and Iran offices. Additionally, through the efficient promotional activities carried out abroad, the fairs expect visitors from a total of 33 countries, including Algeria, Jordan, Morocco, Egypt in the Middle East, as well as Austria, England, Italy and Germany in Europe.
Konya Machine Technologies Fairs aim to add new achievements to the ones in 2022
The fairs, which hosted 24.968 machinery industry professionals from 54 countries in 2022, will continue to add value to the machinery industry in 2024 and to receive full marks from the industry with their success.
The fairs have a exhibitor and visitor satisfaction rate of over 90% and this year, just like in previous years, leading companies in cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Gaziantep, Konya, Kayseri, Giresun, Kocaeli and Adana will exhibit their latest technology machinery and equipment.
Konya, the shining star of the machinery industry
An important center of attraction representing Türkiye's power in production of machinery, the Konya city plays an important role in the sector, standing out with a 25.5% share in machinery exports. With this infrastructure, the position of Konya in the machinery sector has become remarkable not only within Türkiye, but also globally.
Konya Machine Technologies Fairs support the city's important position in the machinery industry and offer innovation, trade and cooperation opportunities by bringing together professionals of the sector. The fairs will continue to increase Konya's strength in machinery production and its influence in the global arena in 2024 with a wide profile of exhibitors and effective international promotional activities.